About Us

Having worked in the repair industry for over forty years and with recreational vehicles for the last twenty, Frank Vincent has extensive experience and detailed knowledge of what makes for a good RV. With certifications as an RV Repair Technician and NRVIA Level 2 Inspection qualifications, he’s a verifiable expert in his field. Frank has taken that experience to create Trifecta RV Inspections to help anyone, even with no prior knowledge, find and get the most out of their RV investment.

Based out of Bath, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona, our technician will head almost anywhere in the country to where you need them or you can call anytime for help over the phone. Trifecta can be that friend you take with you to the dealer to make you’re not getting ripped off and then show you how to use your new RV properly. Or if you’re having your vehicle shipped, our technician can go out and kick the tires on your behalf. Trifecta exists to be there when and where you need them.

Trifecta’s inspection services provide a comprehensive, in-depth check of your RV, front-to-back, top-to-bottom, and then provide you with detailed reports with the technician’s notes and photos so you can see exactly what problems need to be resolved. They’ll even climb up on the roof, check the electrical and plumbing systems, furniture, and every appliance in the vehicle to see if it’s working properly for you. And then, once it’s all done, Trifecta will be there on the phone for the entire first year of your RV if you run into a problem or need to be walked through a procedure.

Trifecta helps clients make informed decisions when purchasing an RV, understand just how significant an investment is for you, and they want to help you have all the accurate information you need to make the right decision. You don’t need to have any prior RV experience; Trifecta is there to help with what you need. You’re spending your hard earned cash on an RV so you can enjoy it, Trifecta is here to help you make that a reality.

Expert Phone Assistance

Not sure what part you need, how to operate something, or just have a question to ask? Call anytime! 330-898-0472

Walk-Through Consulting

Just need to see if a vehicle is even worth considering, or some in-person RV training? An expert can come out to help you in-person.

Full Inspection

Know what you're getting! Our technician will check everything, front-to-back and top-to-bottom, with a detailed technician report on your RV.